Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jhené Aiko - Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) (Explicit)

Oh, love. When it happens it hits you upside the head and all that was once calm and productive turns into a flux of opposing emotions. How can it be balance? It's too extreme. So enjoyable, so beautiful, all encompassing yet full of sadness and upset.

When I teach yoga I have been known to say words like: "In yoga there is no competition. There is no ego. No judgement." Ego is a funny thing. This weekend I explored the concept with another mind. Some people are very good at polishing our egos. Our egos are this vision, a statue, of this idea, an ideal self, the pristine and best version of ourselves. The ego takes it's reference from the time you looked the most smashing, the best clothes, your best hair day. That time your skin was flawless? Your ego sees you like that at all times. And when that person comes along and strokes it, you love it. I love it too. We all do. But that's not us all the time, so should we be so attached to this "ego?"

When we fight with those we love the ego gets bruised. Someone chipped the nose of your statue or keyed the cheek of your pristine ego version of yourself and you get angry or you cry or you pout. I do this. We do this. It's human. But is the "nip to the proverbial nose" accurate? Is it worth being attached to this? It's just a statue. It's an idea. It's the ego.

So I think it'll be a good exercise to let go of ego stuff. Let go of ego. If a relationship works, it does. If it doesn't, it's ok too. And if someone chips your ego? Let it go, it doesn't mean anything really. Well, try to let it go. It's not easy to do that and many of us won't be able to. And those strokes to our ego that the ones who love us give? Take those with a a deep breath too. Only you know who you are. You're awesome by the way. Don't forget that.


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