Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to writing. . .

I have never written a YA novel (young adult) even though I speak to young adults everyday and have been doing so for at least the last decade. Before that, I had just come out of being a young adult myself.

It's a tumultuous time. The brain hasn't been formed yet. Bad decision making is the norm. At least, that's what the adults say. Decision making is more like a child than an adult.

But I think one of the elements to a good YA novel is being on the side of your audience. Namely, the young adults! So what if the full grown adults think their decisions are incomplete or destructive? They are doing the best they can, and it's awkward enough for a person to be in the middle of child/adulthood. Its a time of transition and learning. And lets not forget the hormones.

Besides, things were more exciting when we were young and carefree. Adults worry too much. They have been burned by the stoves of life too often. They are weary. YOUNG adults have less fear. They jump right in. They try.

We need to learn a few things as adults. We need to remember that we too gave things a shot. We jumped off of cliffs. We explored and had fun without putting emphasis on consequences. Sure this lead to being burned eventually and then gave rise to . . .oh the vicious cycle.

So. Let the story begin. . .

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